01From what height jump and how long is freefall?

From 4000 meters high and 60 seconds

02What speed is reached during the free fall?

The maximum happiness is approximately 200 km/hour or equivalent to 124 miles/hour !!

03What is the maximum limit weight?

The maximum weight allowed is 100 kg.

04Is there a minimum age?

Yes, 17 years. The consent and signed authorization of both parents is required.

05How long is the flight by plane?

They are 13 minutes up to a height of 4000 meters.

06How often do the courses take place?

Every week (Subject to reservation and weather conditions).

07What aircraft do you have?

We operate from two pilatus porter PC & H2H4. “Barón Rojo & Snoopy”

08Is a specific insurance necessary?

Yes, for the completion of the course is necessary to process a specific insurance that has medical coverage for this particular activity. In addition, it is “OBLIGATORY” to apply for liability insurance coverage. Both can be processed from our center on the day of the beginning of the course.

09What is necessary to bring for the completion of the course?

It is necessary to register through our contact information, make the payment of the registration and read the manual before going to the theoretical.

10If the time does not allow to finish the course on the dates marked?

You can continue depending on the availability of the student. As long as it meets the validity requirements set by the Spanish Air Federation (FAE).